Friday, March 10, 2006

Mac Mini vs Microsoft Media Center

CNet has a cool write up on how the two compare for use in the living room. Check it out.

"Bill Made It Famous"

Awesome video clip about the origin of Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Stay tuned for a not-so-subtle jab at the richest man alive toward the end.

Clever Marketing Campaign for iPod HiFi

Scott Hodge on his blog mentions walking by an Apple Store and seeing this:

Looks like a very clever ad for the new iPod HiFi. Definately an eye-catcher.

Minidisc Lives!

If you, like me, are a minidisc freak (someone has to be), then this is great news. Once thought the have been abandoned by Sony forever, it appears that they still believe in the little buggers enough to release a new player/recorder with tons of new features. More info here and here.

Big List of Useful Free Software

Oh yeah. You can find that list, complete with links, right here. Via my friend Shua.

Aaaaaand We're LIVE!

It's true, the NOTION Blog is now live and awaiting readers. Looks like you're one of them! Congratulations! No, there's no prize, sorry. Hey, where are you going?

Stay tuned here all day, every day for random goodness, links that we think you'll like, and ocassional updates on life here at NOTION. I wish I could say we had the kind of drama here that your grandma would trade her soaps for, but... well... we don't. I think you'll find it interesting, anyway.